Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pakistan Barbers Warned Not To Shave Beards

From Pakistan's Daily Times: After Dir and Bajaur, barbers in Mardan have also received letters from a purported jihadi outfit to stop shaving beards. Sana hairdresser, a barbershop in the Par Hoti area, has received a letter from an organisation called Tanzeemul Mujahideen NWFP, warning barbers that they should stop shaving beards, otherwise their shops would be set on fire or bombed. The letter reads: “Our beloved Muslim brothers, listen and listen attentively and then think over it that shaving off beards is a great sin. This (beard) is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), but regretfully we have been shaving it off and throwing these blessed hairs at dirty places, which is a shame.”

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