Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jessica Biel Likes Men With Beards

From javno.com: The former model and rising actress with her choice of Ryan Reynolds for a boyfriend definitely showed that she likes men with moustaches and beards. "I like guys with a beard. That is somehow masculine and sexy. I only do not like it when it looks neglected and when it tickles too much," said Jessica Biel. This sort of statement confirms her choice in men. First of all she was with the singer Justin Timberlake who then had a beard, and then after him came Reynolds who has even more whiskers on his face.


Anonymous said...

Hey cool! I didn't think ya'll were updating your website anymore. Cool blog!

Dave said...

Yes, the Fuzface Gallery does get updated every now and then. But we haven't been "hyping" the new "fuzzy" arrivals.